Made to measure shower trays

Often the space available or shape of a shower will preclude the use of a standard shower tray. Traditional manufacturing techniques prevent volume manufacturers from producing bespoke sizes and shapes due to the high cost of tooling. When a wet room cannot be accommodated a popular alternative is a bespoke or made to measure shower tray manufactured from a solid surface material such as Hi Macs or Corian. Solid stone may also be considered for simple designs.

Solid surface materials

Solid surface materials are a mixture of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), natural stone pigments and the natural mineral aluminium hydroxide (ATH) which is extracted from bauxite, an aluminium ore. The product is produced in sheets which are available in vast range of colours and finishes. Sheets of this versatile material are heated and vacuum formed over moulds to form complex and intricate shapes. Increasingly this type of product is being used in domestic bathrooms, kitchens and a variety of commercial, healthcare and hygiene related applications.

Solid surface materials are impervious to water, hard wearing, highly resistant to stains and compatible with most nonabrasive domestic cleaning chemicals. Popular applications include basins, kitchen work surfaces, shower trays and wall cladding. Solid surface materials can be drilled, machined to accept fittings and bonded to further sheets with epoxy resin and polished to produce a seamless join. The material can even be repaired if damaged, the possibilities are almost limitless.

The flexibility of the material facilitates the creation of shower trays which provide a greater function than just a shower base. Wet and dry areas may be incorporated as can glazing grooves, duck boards for dry areas and a variety of visible and concealed wastes. Wall and floor cladding may also be produced to match or contrast with a shower tray.

Natural stone shower trays

Made to measure shower trays may also be produced from some types of natural stone. Specialist stone suppliers can produce simple, normally square or rectangular, shower trays from suitable types of stone such as granite or slate. Many types of stone are porous and a sealant should be applied to the surface periodically, it is also advisable to apply a tanking membrane to the floor below the shower tray. Stone is not as versatile as solid surface materials and the options will usually be limited to the type of stone and waste position.